Thursday, July 15, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #5

This title is where Keith Giffen is getting to indulge in real super-heroics, leaving the fun to the solo Booster Gold title.

I'm not sure how to take Max Lord's statements this issue. He claims he's worked to reform the JLI (without a GL, because Lanterns are bothering him these days). He's brought back a some originals and some good replacements for Rocket Red and Blue Beetle. I really wish it was that straight forward, but Max rigged his communicator (a Rocket Red suit, complete with wearer) as a bomb. So even as he tells the team that he re-formed them to do good around the globe, he's forcing Captain Atom to once again fly into the sky and deal with an explosion (and a murder this time too).

While the A-plot is moving forward nicely, there is plenty of time for interesting character developments too. We see more of Booster's pre-time travel days than we ever have before. Captain Atom is getting tired of people dying. Ice is afraid of dying again (much like Wonder Man in the 70's). And Blue Beetle is getting more and more bound to this crew, which is a great move. All this, plus some great moments with the new and hilarious Rocket Red. I love the guy already.

Aaron Lopresti does a great job with the at. Everyone looks on model, I love how huge the new Rocket Red is. I think he does the best job on Blue Beetle, there are small details and morphing bits on him all issue long.


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