Thursday, July 29, 2010

Powers v9: Psychotic TPB

So I took a looong break from Powers, it looks like a four-year break. It isn't that I wasn't enjoying the book, it just seemed that it would read better in trade. Then I forgot to actually buy any of the trades! Fortunately, I spotted this collection at the library, and after a quick request, I should be caught up shortly.

It turns out I missed Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker are still investigating super-murder. It's a sad idea, because every cool super-hero (or most) that Bendis comes up with have to be either the victim or the murderer in each story. Psychotic tells the story of Blackguard, a Batman-type and the Joke, his nemesis. Both turn up dead, and things get more complicated from there. Bendis sets up a nice little mystery. Things are further fouled up since Deena recently acquired powers of her own, and since powers are illegal, and she's a cop...

The Powers world feels a lot like the registration-act era of the Marvel U, only with a lot more nudity. I swear, artist Michael Avon Oeming loves drawing breasts peeking out of ripped clothing. Maybe that would happen, but I'm so immature it still makes me giggle.

The art is simple and bare bones, but the storytelling is strong. Oeming gets across emotion, action, and character design so well, I can't imagine anyone else working on this book.

I've been away for a while, but I'm glad I'm back with Powers.


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