Sunday, July 18, 2010

G.I. Joe: European Missions #2 (1988)

This issue doesn't hold up quite as well as issue 1. My main problem is I don't understand exactly what Action Force is. Are they English soldiers (so this is sort of an alternate universe thing? What if GI Joe was British?) Or is the team on loan from the US. It seems that way since Hawk and Snake Eyes show up to supplement the Action Force team. That's my other question, is there a set roster for the Action Force group? It seems Flint is the leader, and I've seen Footloose, Lady J, Alpine, and some others hanging around, but I just wonder what the set up is for this book.

The core story is fairly generic. The Dreadnocks kidnap the daughter of Action Force's liaison, then they end up killing the poor guy. In the end, Flint has to choose between saving Hawk and Snake Eyes or getting revenge for his boss' death. He makes the right choice, but it was odd that Hawk and Snake Eyes played so prominent a role in the story. With so many people moving in and out, the whole thing feels a bit unfocused.

The art is fine, but unspectacular. I actually prefer Geoff Senior's art in the combo GI Joe/Transformers book in the back.


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