Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comicon News Day 2

There were some exciting announcements on Friday at Comicon. Here's a quick rundown.

Thor's hat looks awesome!

Jeremy Renner is going to be Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo is probably Bruce Banner in the Avengers movie.

The Walking Dead series sounds like it will be excellent. I'm very confident.

Grant Morrison is launching a new Batman title, Batman INC. It's team-up book inspired by the Brave & the Bold cartoon (and comic) and should feature a more Bruce Wayne-centered Batman. Yanick Paquette and Frazer Irving should both be involved on art. This sounds absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to add it to my pull list.

Kieron Gillen is launching a new X-title featuring the first 5 mutants to activate since M-Day. It sounds like he's working closely with Matt Fraction and the tone of the book sounds like a great heir to that New Mutants "feel." I'm going to wait for reviews, but Gillen's stuff is typically excellent. Generation Hope is a bit silly of a title, but it could pan out.

Geoff Johns announced that the Flash will be getting a spin-off called Speed Force. If Wally West is a lead, I may actually pick this up monthly. Waiting for the trade on Flash is killing me.

The Red Hulk is joining the Avengers. I've got to think that is temporary, right? I mean, the guy is a villain.

I still don't want to read Superman, but Action Comics sounds solid.

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