Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Invincible #73

After last issue's splatterfest, Robert Kirkman plays this one a little more subdued. While the Grayson family rests and recuperates on a weird alien world, the Viltrumite War rages on. It was amusing seeing Nolan and Oliver getting a chance to bond, the two of them really haven't had many chances to get to know each other. I'm still a little suspicious of Nolan, I have to admit. His beatdown of Mark back in the day was so dang brutal that I still can't believe he's just become a good guy now.

Allen the Alien and Tech Jacket have a friendship developing as the Coalition of Planets continues attacking the Viltrumites. I love the idea that while the Coalition can successfully take world back from the Empire, they can't hold them when actual Viltrumite supermen show up to fight. The good guys have a handful of guys who can take on a Viltrumite, but the three Graysons are out of action, Tech Jacket and Allen stick together, and Battle Beast doesn't follow orders so well. I'm not sure if Space Ranger actually has the power to stay competitive. Either way, I love how Kirkman has created a whole slew of cosmic characters and races. I hope the potential traitor with the Coalition isn't too big a factor, I don't like it when folks with minor parts end up being pivotal to the greater story.

Ryan Ottley does a great job, as always. I do wish that he had found a way to draw a couple of those silly little grubs that Allen likes to eat. I love watching them scream in terror as they get chomped. I hope we get more Battle Beast in action next issue too.


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