Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spirits of Vengeance #1 (1992)

I had fond memories of this issue from my high school days, so I figured I'd dig it back out and see if it held up. Sure enough, the generic action from Howard Mackie and cool art from Adam Kubert were enough to keep me entertained.

This issue ties into Lilith's return to the Marvel U in the Rise of the Midnight Sons launch. The Supernatural line of books didn't last too long.
After bursting from the body of a decaying leviathan in the arctic (how about that for an entrance?) she immediately puts out a call to her children to seek out and kill Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. For those of you who skew a bit young, this takes place while Danny Ketch was GR, and John Blaze was riding around on a flaming bike with a shotgun that blasts hellfire. He was also sporting some sweet aviator shades and a cigarette, but hey, it is a product of its time.

The Ghost Riders take on Blackout and a couple other creepies, but I was never too worried about them. Blaze is protecting his family, so he's naturally kicking butt. In today's books, they'd be slaughtered, but here they actually all make it out alive. It does bum me out that the modern era has his family dead and gone. It was an interesting set up to put his family in the care of some carnies. That's a great high-concept!

Dr. Strange shows up on the last page to make some ominous comments about the other Midnight Sons (I think Morbius was next up?) so that made me laugh. This line didn't last too well, as I recall.

Adam Kubert's pencils have improved a lot, but you can still spot his talent here. This book looks good, the flaming skulls, monsters, and ladies all look good. This comic holds up really nicely as a relic of the early 90's.


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