Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green Lantern #56

Not surprisingly, my favorite parts of this issue are those that deal with Larfleeze. When Hector Hammond gets involved, my interest wanes a bit. It seems I'm still not totally absorbed into those classic Hal Jordan villains yet.

Geoff Johns does a nice job reintroducing Hammond; the guy is a pervert and he's one jealous dude. When Hammond actually goes against Hal Jordan, I had to laugh that he was digging through Hal's memories for pin-up shots of Carol Ferris. What a perv!

Hammond and Larfleeze are natural rivals for that orange lantern. I half wonder if Johns is lining up classic GL villains for roles with different corps? Could the Shark join the Red Lanterns? Where would Sonar fit in?

Doug Mahnke does a great job making Hammond look like the re-designed character from early in this series. And hoo boy, those big-brained rats were really gross. I love seeing Larfleeze do anything, but I'd love to see more guest-stars for Mahnke to draw. Where's Carol Ferris?


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