Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wolverine: Weapon X: Adamantium Men TPB

Jason Aaron writes my kind of comics. This thing is violent and mean-spirited, but headlined by a tough guy with a good heart. It's exactly what every Wolverine story should be. The bad guys are powerful and threatening, and they actually give Wolverine a run for his money for awhile. But we all know how this has to end, and it is great. Aaron personalizes the leader of the Adamantium Men nicely, he's smarter and more likeable than the rest of his faceless team. The scene where he and Wolvie stop fighting so they don't eviscerate each other in front of a school bus is fantastic.

I like the use of Maverick here too, I have a soft spot for that mid-90's lug. I was a tad confused by the last page of issue 5, though. Was Maverick the one who actually sold the Weapon X notes? Does that make him a bad guy who has to face Wolverine someday? I may be stupid, but it wasn't exactly clear to me from the dialogue.

The supporting characters are great. Aaron has set up some folks that work nicely in Wolverine's world. I hope we get to see that HAMMER agent again, her interactions with Maverick were quite fun, very James Bond-y. The CEO of Black lives, as do 3 Adamantium Men. So there is definitely follow-up potential here.

Ron Garney rocks this book. The glow-claws are awesome and iconic, and the fighting panels are savage. I would have liked to see Maverick use his mask, but he's handled nicely in his new duds too. The sniper scene was filled with good tension and really felt like a movie. Actually, this story is a great example of new-reader friendly while still having everything an old fan like me wants. Tremendous storyline.


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