Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dark Avengers: Molecule Man TPB

Hmm. This is sort of an odd mind-bender of an Avengers story. Bendis sets the action in Molecule Man's hometown, where he's been kidnapping tourists and travelers. The Dark Avengers get called in to resolve the situation. The book is sort of a mixed bag. I really enjoy seeing the Dark Avengers trying to be actual heroes. It's funny, even when Osborn is sending them on legitimate missions; they are still a pack of cowards and thugs. They can't make that leap, unlike some of the other villains to reform over the years. I also really enjoyed the Ares/Secret Warriors confrontation. I still haven't read a single issue of Secret Warriors, but at this point, I'm pretty intrigued.

The part that bummed me out was that the Sentry became even MORE powerful than he was before. He literally smashed through the fantasy world Molecule Man had created. The Sentry easily took out one of the top villains in the Marvel U. I also get bummed whenever MM shows up without Volcana, but I suppose that isn't too big a deal. The good news is that an explosion is a pretty easy death to return from, so I'd imagine we'll see the Molecule Man again.

This trade clocks in at a very short four issues. There isn't a lot happening. I'm glad I got this from the library; it wasn't bad, but buying it in hardcover might have upset me a bit! This might be the rare case where the single issues actually read better than the collection.

Mike Deodato's art is great as usual. Ms.Marvel/Moonstone is a little sluttier than I'm used to, but she seems to be acting this way all through the run. I love Deodato's take on the Hawkeye uniform, I hope he gets to draw Clint Barton wearing it!



JBaker said...

If you're unsure of Secret Warriors, here's a brief synopsis: Nick Fury is ALWAYS one step ahead.

Timbotron said...

So he's the Batman of Marvel. Sounds good!