Friday, July 2, 2010

Deadpool Team-Up #892

Wow! A Deadpool comic I actually like! I picked this up because it is written by David Lapham, and I wanted to see what his take on the warped Wade would be. No surprise, it is a ton of fun.

Satanna compains about being back in her 70's look with the huge chest, and Lapham just sort of explains away his use of his favorite era of the character. Deadpool isn't usually the "follower" in his own book, but he's so knocked over by Satanna that he basically plays a puppy dog here. It's quite amusing seeing him just horn-dogging out for a whole issue.
Lapham balances a funny line with the villains too. They are all recognizable, big-time Marvel villains, but they show up as nerds so that they can have nerd-appropriate conversations. I have to appreciate any comic where nerds decide who marries a hottie by rolling on a d20. Ridiculous. Heck, Deadpool actually addresses Lapham at one point! He's like Animal Man now!

Shawn Crystal's work looks pretty good. He's cartoony, which works well on Satanna's bubble-chest, but his faces are a bit too much. I do have to admit he nailed the unmasking scene though. Hilarious.


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