Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice Society of America #41

James Robinson's crossover with the JLA isn't exactly bad, I just feel like there is nothing new here. In fact, since Mark Bagley draws this issue (he's the regular artist on JLA) it actually took me a few minutes to realize this wasn't an issue of JLA. Sure, the focus is a LITTLE stronger on the JSAers, but the JLA folks still play a large role.

And maybe it is just me, but the whole motivation for the crossover just doesn't sound like that big a deal. The Starheart might be making some heroes go crazy, and I like the idea that the heroes are fighting themselves, but I just don't see enough of it for it to really have an impact. It's like, this story could easily be a bigger event, but it still feels small. The best part of the issue was Dr. Mid-Nite having to do some actual doctoring. I always like seeing the character have to be a "real-life" super-hero.

Mark Bagley has a great take on Wildcat. I love the droopy sides to his mask. He does a nice job with the power-ladies too, PG and Supergirl look inspiring.


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