Sunday, July 4, 2010

Justice League of America #46

Happy Fourth!

James Robinson's take on the JLA is fine. It just doesn't feel like the JLA! He's now got a substitute character in almost every iconic role for the team. Superman, Batman, WW, GL, Flash, they all have subs. I think that's why I think Congorilla is fitting in so nicely. The JLA has always had time for the background players. Starman works just fine for this too. They aren't expected to carry the load. I'm just not as drawn in by the subs as by the normal crew. It doesn't help that I actually prefer Jesse Quick in her Liberty Belle persona. I know the JLA doesn't need another strong character, but I love that she switches back and forth. Robinson's idea to tie Congorilla into Jesse's Dad's past is a nice idea.

I don't think Robinson has the voices down for the JSA either. Wildcat is not the correct cast member to be bringing up Durlans and other crazy ideas. Wildcat is down to Earth and supportive, he shouldn't be the one piling on Jade in the big team up scene. Having Jesse have to back him down made the whole thing even more weird. Those two are teammates. Is Robinson taking over JSA full-time now? If so, I'm a bit worried. It doesn't help that I really liked Bill Willingham's JSA.

I do appreciate the research that Robinson puts into his titles. He uses another fun bunch of characters in this issue, including Blue Demon, Klarion, and Naid. He even name-drops Primal Force! The evil base on the dark side of the moon is fun too.

Mark Bagley continues being a great fit for the DCU. Everyone looks... right. His style works equally well on the prime timers and on the lower level character. Everyone looks like they belong in a super-hero comic. I can't complain about the art.



Martin Gray said...

I enjoyed this hugely. And fear not, Robinson and Bagley are just going to be handling the entire JLA/JSA meeting, not taking the JSA over full-time.

I loved seeing Naiad and hearing of Primal Force, but I don't recall her being a member. Was he thinking of Meridian, I wonder?

Timbotron said...

I bet you are right about Naid. Unless she was part of the post-shakeup team when a whole bunch of them got replaced.

Great, now I need to re-read Primal Force! :)