Friday, July 16, 2010

Thor: Eternals Saga TPB 2

Ugh. I absolutely adored the first Thor/Eternals trade, but this was a chore to get through. Way too many issues deal with Thor trying to find out about his previous lives as a mortal named Siegfried. It felt like eight or nine issues (surely it wasn't that long) dealing with the whole Ring of the Nibelung opera, re-told in comic format. Only that's not what I wanted from this trade! I want Celestials! The story goes on and on, and I must confess that eventually I just quit reading about gnomes and weird, shape-shifting frost giants and just skipped ahead to the issues picking up from the first trade.

And it stinks, because those last two or three issues are great! Odin puts on the Destroyer armor and takes on the Celestials! Thor's revenge! Thor traveling through the dimensions to visit all sorts of Marvel deities! This is classic Thor goodness; the problem is there is too little of it in this trade.

I love Keith Pollard's artwork. He even does a nice job on the boring stuff, but he really shines on the Celestials. I've never seen Oneg the Prober look so good!

Fair (I want to say Good, but I just can't!)

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