Sunday, July 25, 2010

BPRD v12: War on Frogs TPB

This was an exciting trade, but man, did it make me miss Capt. Daimio and Roger. The trade collects some interesting material, it reprints the four issue War on Frogs mini, and each issue just tells a story in the battle against the frogs. The battles are spread throughout the years the BPRD took on the frogs. It's a neat idea, it lets some of the cast members who've moved on over the years get one more chance to shine.

Roger takes on the original frogs, and it's a touching tale. The two froggies aren't actually hurting anyone, they're just living in a cave with the skeleton of their dead mother. Roger does what he was ordered to do, but did it need to be done?

I loved the Guy Davis-drawn portion where the BPRD (led by Daimio) hunt down a traveling band of preachers. The problem is, they are spreading the word of the frogs, not God. It's a neat, quick little story.

The one time a frog gets amped up and mutates into something unique, it gets to take on a squad of regular BPRD agents. I've long been fascinated by the type of person that would sign up to serve with the super-powered agents, dealing with the same threats but having none of the powers or protection. State troopers, cops, and soldiers have a hard time dealing with things that Hellboy would just "BOOM" away.

Johann's story is more cerebral, which isn't a surprise. He's an interesting character, he's actually kind of hard to like. But he does the right thing here, and gets to see just how powerful the BPRD's foes are.

The final story starring Liz Sherman is fun too. BPRD agents would naturally be drawn to the alpha-types leading the field teams. I liked seeing Liz interact with normal agents.

The main story doesn't advance much in this one, but the great art and returning characters make this an entertaining read. I know Roger is gone, but is there a chance Daimio could still come back?


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