Friday, July 2, 2010

Green Lantern #55

Geoff Johns really needed Blackest Night. I think it has refocused the core Green Lantern title in a fantastic way. I haven't loved the book this much since the early issues.

John's Lobo hits all the right high points for me. He even yells "Feetal's Gizz" at one point! I loved the vast collateral damage that Lobo leaves in his wake too. Even with 3 Lanterns trying to contain him, Lobo was holding his own nicely. I particularly loved the interplay between Lobo and Hal Jordan. They are total opposites, so it was great seeing Lobo calling Hal "square jaw" and other insults. But heck, Lobo had time for everyone, insulting and whupping up on Sinestro pretty nicely too. I'm not sure what Atrocitus' game plan is, but by making him a more thinking, plotting character, he's become infinitely more interesting. When he was just "ba-bumming" around puking blood, I didn't care about him at all. Now I'm digging him.

Doug Mahnke could not be doing a better job. This book looks fantastic. In addition to juggling all the rainbow lanterns, Manhke's Lobo is probably the most iconic I've ever seen. This book looks perfect.

I loved Dex-Starr's origin too. It's pretty generic, but it's well drawn and Johns does have that knack for distilling characters (even cats) down to their coolest base. "I good kitty." Great stuff.



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