Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avengers #3

Give Bendis his due, there is a heck of a lot of smashing going on in this book.

I always complained that Bendis' Avengers stories didn't have the actual team solving their problems. Three issues in, and it is still only Avengers getting involved in stopping Kang's warping of the time stream. Apocalypse and his horsemen show up for a few pages this month, but there doesn't seem to be much of a point other than giving the heroes a chance to look cool.

I loved the sequence where the fliers are forming a ring around the breach in Avengers Tower. The team split up naturally and effectively. I also like how Maria Hill seems to be in charge of the squad. She's breaking them into teams, giving priorities, and not taking any guff. It's a neat dynamic.

I enjoyed seeing Tony Stark unable to take on the Scarlet Witch. It makes sense that the core Avengers would still be suffering significant guilt in dealing with any incarnation of their friend. Hell, judging from the Children's Crusade book, there is a chance that we might get Scarlet Witch back soon, which would put a lot of these demons to rest nicely.

I know there are a lot of complaints about JRJR's artwork in this title. Even Bendis said at Comicon that Spider-Woman has "Jersey hair." But I don't mind; the action is clear and visceral. The explosions are booming off the page. I can't complain about that.


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