Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wolverine: Weapon X: Insane in the Brain TPB

Once again, Jason Aaron has put together a perfect Wolverine story. This time Wolvie is locked away in Dr. Rot's Dunwich Sanatorium. Once a pick-up spot for random psychos for the mob, things have gotten much worse since Rot took over. Thanks to his brain machine, he can control quite a bit of what goes on in the institution.

Wolverine is now convinced that he's not a hero at all, but a psycho who needs to be locked up. The nurses are serving Fruit Loops and jellybeans as medicine, and when things go bad, there are plenty of brains out there for Dr. Rot. I absolutely loved this story, it was wonderfully crazy all the way through. And Dr. Rot is a fantastic new villain. I figured him for a done-in-one, but no, this guy may have staying power. Not only does he have some keys to Wolvie's psyche, but surely he must have some kind of healing factor? He recovers from some pretty intense damage in this thing.

I will say I'm a tad disappointed that Maverick did sell those Weapon X files in the first trade. He doesn't show up here, but the "Previously" section states his involvement clearly .

Yanick Paquette handles most of the art for this story, and I've always liked his stuff. Wolverine looks to be in a constant state of panic and I loved the design for the many inmates. The most shocking scene is, without a doubt, the masquerade where Dr. Rot is interacting with his prisoners while dressed up as a nurse. The whole scene is straight out of a horror movie. Who in the world thinks dress-ups are a good idea for a bunch of psychos!?!


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