Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking Dead #74

Robert Kirkman is so consistent. I love it.

This issue fleshes out the ongoing story of how Rick's gang doesn't quite fit into their new lives. Rick is passing out guns, Abraham is taking over the work team, and now Gabriel is about to confess all their sins to their new host. Gabriel has been hard to like from the moment he showed up. He's a coward who locked out his flock and now he's about to turn on the people who saved him and took him in. He's sort of the opposite of Abraham. Abraham has turned into a hero who doesn't even think his heroics are worth anything. I like the idea of Glenn fitting in with the scavengers of the new Community. It makes sense that at least a few of the survivors we've followed this long would be able to transition into their new lives.

Rick is so damaged that I worry about him. There is a great moment where Michonne mentions him talking to his dead wife. I had almost forgotten just how crazy Rick DID get out in the wild. That's the thing. Gabriel is right. The survivors have done awful things, and they may not be the people they were before the zombies, but hell, we readers can't blame them for anything they've done. It's a fascinating quandy that Kirkman has developed. The Community needs people who will do what needs to be done, people like Rick, Abraham, and Michonne. But are they so far gone that they will destroy the peace that the Community has established? Great arc.

Charlie Adlard doesn't have many zombies to draw this month, but his "directing" is still top notch. We can read the characters' faces and the settings are easy to process. This is like a well put together movie.


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