Thursday, July 1, 2010

Justice Society of America #40

Hmm. Because I'm worried about where this issue fits in, I'm a tad disappointed. Is this the end of a storyline, or of a good creative team's whole run?

The conclusion to the Fourth Reich story does indeed result in a re-set of that terrible alternate future, but I'm curious at how Bill Willingham decided to pull it off. By having Mr. Terrific travel back and head off the whole Obsidian-as-an-egg thing, he's undoing most of his run on the book. There are quick flashes of the stories that have taken place since Willingham came on, only with Obsidian added into the team's roster.

There are a few moments where we get to see the JSA totally whup up on the Fourth Reich, but it is mighty brief. I want to see those scum bags get knocked around a bit more! Then there are a few panels talking about Mr. Terrific's new love life, his plans for the JSA, and some more hints of upcoming stories. It reads like Willingham is off the book. I'm not sure if he's coming back after James Robinson's run (covering the next 3 issues) but I sure hope so. I still love Willingham's version of the team, but I'm worried that this issue reads like a mix of an epilogue and a "might have been" feature on where Willingham would have taken the team.

Jesus Merino does another bang up job. Obsidian has always had an awesome look, so having him be the focal point of the issue sets up a lot of neat opportunities. I love the happier approach for Obsidian too, there is no need to make him a raging almost-villain, so I dig the idea that Obsidian is going to fly the straight and narrow and serve on his Dad's team.

Let's just cross our fingers that Willingham and Merino will be back to continue their run.


EDITED TO ADD: Bill Willingham confirmed he is off JSA. Suck.

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