Thursday, November 13, 2008

X-Force #8

This was a good comic! The team of X-killers hasn’t gone crazy killing in this arc so far, they really just seem to be functioning as a black ops team, which is much easier to deal with. I’m liking the inclusion of Archangel/Death and Elixir to the team. If Domino is joining full time after her surprise appearance this issue, then this line-up really has a lot going for it. The current Vanisher story is moving along nicely, although I do wish he didn’t have those “kewl” tattoos. This book is getting better issue by issue.

Mike Choi’s art is a great improvement over Clayton Crain’s. Crain’s art in the first 6 issues was too murky. I could barely tell what was happening in about 20% of each issue. Choi’s storytelling still looks computery, but the storytelling is much clearer. The one panel from Vanisher’s point of view as he looks out at the team was particularly well done. Man, can Choi draw some nice ladies. Domino looks awesome


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Always Right said...

Maybe Crain isn't murky just you. Ha I made a funny.