Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Savage Dragon #139

I want to like this comic. I really do. I loved Savage Dragon for about 75 issues or so, but stopped liking it when he went to the Savage World. I was confused by what was essentially a continuity reboot when he traveled to a parallel Earth, and then I dropped the book when it was so plagued by delays I didn't know what was happening during the whole "God-Gun" story arc. I didn't come back until the Barack Obama endorsement issue, although I did read the Prism issue before it.

Man, I love the idea of Savage Dragon. I love the supporting cast. I love the awesome campy villains like Low Blow and Mako who appear this issue. Invincible guest-stars? How can this book be a miss? And yet this book is all over the place. We have constant locale switches, the supporting cast is so extensive and spread out that things are hopping all over the place. There is some pacing issue for me too. I'm just not digging the Solar Man arc. I'm ready for things to go back to the SOS days, or at least the Liberty League days. I guess what I mean is, if I did have a Savage Dragon itch, this isn't really scratching it, you know?

Larsen's art is still as fun and kinetic as ever. I love his art. There's just something missing from this book for me. It bums me out.


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