Friday, November 28, 2008

Captain America #44

The Winter Soldier story keeps moving along this week, and I'm liking where Brubaker is going with it. I'm loving the combination of villains in use here. We've got the mysterious shadow dude with ties to the Winter Soldier and we also get some great use out of Batroc the Leaper, a classic Cap-foe. So Brubabker is mixing his use of historical bad guys in a pretty fun way that is pretty indicative of the main story. This is a little more espionage-y than a normal Steve Rogers Cap book would have been, but with Batroc and Black Widow hanging around, this title is still clearly a super-hero book too. I still prefer the more super-Cap stories of Mark Gruenwald and Mark Waid, but I'll take this. This Winter Cap stuff is better than a lot of the more super-Cap books of the past. I'm really curious to see who the mysterious, evil boss is. Will he be a racial stereotype?

Luke Ross fills in on art in this issue. He doesn't fit in quite as seamlessly as Mike Perkins did. Perkins' faces looked almost the same as Epting's. Ross' don't match quite as well, but that doesn't mean his art is bad. He's actually a very strong artist, and the book looks great. I'm very impressed with the stable of artists who have handled this volume of Cap.


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