Friday, November 21, 2008

JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog

This opinion will not make me very popular. I love Magog. I knew I was supposed to hate his look when he first showed up in Kindom Come back in the 90s, but I thought he was cool then. (Of course, my favorite bad guy design in that book was Von Bach, so what do I know?)

Anyway. This relaunch of the Magog concept is one of my favorite things about JSA right now. And I like Magog. I like the David Reid character he's grown out of. We have a heroic, patriotic hero who sometimes gets mad and might kill and perhaps torture his foes. I think Magog is a tremendously interesting and conflicted character. He acts for what he thinks is the greater good, and yet clearly we are supposed to not like him. Well I do. If I were on the JSA, I'd side with Hawkman and Magog. Tomasi does such a good job putting us in Reid's shoes that I think he's just a bad ass that the JSA is not going to be able to handle. This story succeeds where last week's KC: Superman failed. This issue doesn't mess around with multiverses and crazy alternate doubles and altered histories. We get a straight-forward origin story that lays out the thought process of a hardcore new hero.

Fernando Pasarin does such a great job using the style of Dale Eaglesham that this issue fits flawlessly into the ongoing JSA story. The art is well done. I think one of my favorite bits in the ongoing Gog story is how the artists always have birds circling Gog's gigantic head. Neat little detail.

Good (now let's get some Von Bach!)

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