Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Superman news

Newsarama has their new Dan DiDio interview up. There are some interesting Superman tidbits.

  • Action Comics has a new creative team with Greg Rucka and Eddy Barrows. The book will feature Nightwing and Flamebird. I'm wondering if this Nightwing will be Connor Kent. I'm curious who Flamebird will be. Are there a lot of super-gals around needing new IDs?
  • Superman will keep James Robinson and Renato Guedes.
  • There is a new book called Superman: New Krypton by Andy Kreisberg with Pete Woods on art. This will tell the story of all those new Kryptonians that just showed up in the super-books.
  • Superman: Secret Origins will be a new mini with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. This will be incorporating all the new Infinite Crisis stuff. DiDio describes this as the "Byrne" type setup book that will define Superman for the time being. Wait a minute, wasn't there a book called Superman: Birthright? Just because it wasn't good doesn't mean it didn't happen.
I'm pretty intrigued by all this, but at this point I'm so behind I wonder when I'll possibly see any of it. DC still has not solicited trades for Johns' and Frank's work on Action Comics, so I'm hopelessly behind. I actually dropped Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds because I didn't know what was going on. I find it odd that DC keeps their trade-readers so very far behind what is going on in their titles. It makes it pretty easy to drop whole families of books. Wonder Woman is this delayed, as is Dini's run on Detective Comics. At some point, I just start to figure I don't need to worry about what happens in those issues. I'll probably still pick them up, but it is by no means a lock now.

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