Sunday, November 9, 2008

Justice League of America #25

I really want to like this comic more than I do. I loved Dwayne McDuffie's JLA cartoon, it ranks as one of my favorite shows. And yet the actual comic has only had a handful of top-notch issues since he took over (the Flash & WW vs. Queen Bee sticks out as a high point). This story is at least self-contained. We have Anansi the Spider-God manipulating the powers and origins of Vixen and Animal Man. The story is ok, but I'm not too into Vixen, or really most of the current league. At least boring Red Tornado is taking a leave of absence. At this point, the only characters I like on the team are Firestorm and the Flash. The title is just kind of moving along at this point. I will say the spider-god story is interesting, and he seems to have some neat narrative-based powers that I've never seen before. Would covering his mouth stop him?

Ed Benes' art still doesn't impress me. Having a slew of other artists like Doug Mahnke and Darick Robertson helps, but still, I can't believe we can't get someone a little more story-oriented on art with this book.


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