Friday, November 21, 2008

Gears of War #2

The comic, not the game, although you can rest assured I'll be buying the game. I'm digging this comic. I love the world so much, it is pretty fun seeing it expanded with a little more time for talking and story. I'm finding myself most interested in Dom, his pain looking for either his wife or daughter (I think wife) really makes him an interesting character, because he doesn't let it destroy him. The new rookie Gear Jace is likeable too. It's a good move using him as the narrator, we get his raw experiences without the tough filter of Marcus Fenix. Fenix is obviously a hero, almost a god I think to the other Gears. Very cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the other new Gear, I'm actually thinking he's a traitor. His coughing is covering up some locust-thing in him, you watch.

Liam Sharp was made to draw this book. The characters all look on-model, and the surroundings and environment are detailed enough to really add something to the experience. Jacinto (the base city) especially gets some nice exposure in this issue. And look at that cover. That might be my favorite cover this month.


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