Friday, November 7, 2008

G.I. Joe #0

I really dug this comic. Not surprising, since Larry Hama was one of my favorites in the 80s, Chuck Dixon was one of my faves in the 90s, and Christos Gage is one of my top writers now. Mix in three of the best action writers around and you've got a great preview of what IDW is going to bring to the Joe-Verse in January. Dixon's story read the most like the old Marvel series that brought me to comics in the first place, so that was my favorite. Plus it featured Flint, Beach Head, and Torpedo, three of my favorite old action figures. It makes me laugh that I argue and complain so much about reboots, yet the quality of these creators has me looking past that grievance for this relaunch. Atkins' art is the cleanest of the three stories, plus he's a nice guy. I bought a Copperhead sketch from him a few years ago that kicks butt. So yeah, I'm sold on the core GI Joe title.

I'm not positive on the other two. I'll buy them for sure, but I'm not sure if I want to get 2 more 3.99 titles or if I should just wait for the trade. Most likely I'll pick up the Larry Hama's GI Joe origin title in floppy and stick to the assorted Joe minis in trades.

All in all, a great value at $1.00. I'm in the for GI Joe ride as long as it goes.


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