Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marvel News and February Solicits

Are you serious? You are. Ugh.

  • She-Hulk is cancelled. Well, that stinks. PAD's take on the book never really clicked with me. Too much time spent dealing with a new Skrull buddy of Shulk's, and I never really dug the relationship. I also think the bounty hunter set-up never really worked for the character. But I bought it every month hoping it would get better. The current Lady Liberators arc was a big improvement, but now it looks like that will be the last story. Oh well.
  • Agents of Atlas #1. I can't wait for the trade! Yee haw!
  • Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four cancelled. I lost interest long ago.
  • Clayton Crain is back on X-Force. Blech. I really liked Mike Choi's take on the series.
  • Still no information on Dark Reign. I'm annoyed we're two months in with NO details.
  • The Offenders! That idea is so crazy, it just might work! :)

I've got two subscription spots opening up with Batman and She-Hulk being cancelled. I'm leaning towards replacing them with R.E.B.E.L.S and War Machine.

Find all the solicits at Newsarama.

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Always Right said...

Why wait for Agents trade when you have two open spots? Dark Reign will be the greatest story told ever-if you ignore everything that has come before or after-and you should buy it without needing knowledge of the story; True Believer.