Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mystery in Space 1-8

Based on recommendations from friends, I picked this up last summer out of the dollar bins in Charlotte and Chicago. It was well worth the 8 bucks. I liked the whole concept of youth-ifying Captain Comet (since he hadn't been that old in the fairly recent REBELS series anyway). Giving him a sassy canine sidekick and setting him on the sci-fi rich setting of Hardcore Station worked very well. I liked the whole battle of the clones deal with the Eternal Light Corporation too. Man, comics do love religion as their villain, don't they?

What surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the Weird in the backups. Starlin's art is not my favorite, but he handles the character well, and playing with all the stuff he created at Hardcore Station worked well. The locales really had a nice feeling to them. I liked the Weird's kind of passive approach to heroism too. He had a hard time deciding when he had enough information to act, and it was fun seeing an out of his element hero dealing with that confusion. My biggest disappointment is how little I've been enjoying Rann-Thanagar Holy War by this same writer.

The artists were all pretty good. We started out with Shane Davis and Starlin, with Davis using an almost Jim Lee style approach. I liked his stuff, but I was thrilled to see one of my faves, Ron Lim, come in towards the end. No one does cosmic better than Lim. Overall, this was a surprisingly solid package. I passed on the trades since they collected the 80's Weird issues that I already own, so I"m glad I went back and grabbed these floppies.


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Always Right said...

I really wanted to like it, but it didn't have that pizzaz that Starlin can bring to his cosmic books. I'm happy you enjoyed it and your little dog too.