Monday, November 17, 2008

JSA: Kingdom Special: Superman

I came into the book expecting to be annoyed. The extra dollar on the price tag annoyed me from the start. Add to that how stiff I've found Ross' artwork to be on his covers and I did not have high expectations. But this was an interesting little story that ALMOST made me care about the KC Superman. This all comes back to the multiverse (and my hatred of it). I loved KC Supes in the actual Kingdom Come mini-series, but I feel he loses his relevance when placed alongside the New Earth Superman. There don't need to be two versions of the same guy running around with the same powers. Heck, even explaining it is impossible. I don't feel this story added to much to the ongoing Kingdom Come plot in JSA, but it stood ok on its own. I do have higher hopes for Magog and The Kingdom.

Ross' pencils are really nice throughout, with some painted panels added in. His art is stiff, but there is no denying it is pretty. I especially enjoyed seeing his take on the other JSAers like Cyclone. His Lois Lane was beautiful too. I picked up the Eaglesham variant as I do for all JSA issues.


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Always Right said...

This may be the greatest comic since Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew #1.