Monday, November 17, 2008

Terror Titans #2

Well, at least the losers didn't die. Ravager is a great character, I hope she goes back to the Titans. I'm also finding that with Sean McKeever's work, I generally like where he's going with the stories, but he racks up such a huge body count that I'm disappointed in the story overall. In issue 1, Fever from the Doom Patrol relaunch gets capped in the head. I don't mind her used as a whipping girl for the story, but there is no need to kill her. I do like the Dreadbolt character too, and I'm hoping we don't have him kill his father next issue, again, it would be an unnecessary death. All these deaths are leading McKeever into one of my biggest pet peeves in comics:

Killing a character that you didn't take the time to develop is lazy. When the writer kills an established character to show how tough their NEW bad guy is, that's lazy. When they don't spend time developing the victims, but instead rely on the readers already having an established outlook on that character (from when the character was written by someone else), that's lazy. The best recent example is Brubaker with Nomad and Banshee.

In any case, Joe Bennett's artwork is still really good. He was one of the best 52 artists, and I'd love to see him on a book I like more. The costume designs for the Terror Titans are still cool, and I like the design for TNTeena too. I'm not sure I understood how Sapphire beat Argent though. And was Sapphire the energy chick from Argent's era of Teen Titans?


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