Friday, November 7, 2008

Justice Society of America #20

Sigh. I hate the multiverse. This title has been finally getting good again with the arrival of Gog, rescuing us from the boring Kingdom Come Superman, but all our forward momentum comes to a stop this issue as we start to focus on the multiverse. At this point I can safely say I don’t understand the DCU multiverse at all. There are two Power Girls? Kryptonite affects them differently? I like the idea behind Starman’s costume, and we have a nice little comment that I assume leads to the Legions of Three Worlds, but I can’t be too excited because that plot element leads right back to you guessed it… the multiverse.

Jerry Ordway’s pencils are always a treat. In this issue we do get some nice Dale Eaglesham pencils that actually share page space with Ordway’s Earth-2 characters. The combination is used to a pretty neat effect. But the solid artistic contributions can’t overcome the appearance of the multiverse. I again picked up the Eaglesham cover over the Ross one.


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