Monday, November 10, 2008

Essential Killraven

This is a pretty entertaining book so far. I'm reading in Essential format, so that means in black and white. I don't mind. I'm loving the post-apocalypctic world, and it is a lot of fun seeing the War of the Worlds motif mixing with classic 70s Marvel. Don McGregor is the first writer, but I see we've got Bill Mantlo and other Marvel guys coming up. I'm confident it will be entertaining. I think the best part is that Killraven's origin is told in flashback that takes only half an issue! In a modern book, we'd have a 12 issue arc poring over every detail.

The first issue is drawn by Neal Adams and Howard Chaykin, then Chaykin goes solo for an issue or two, and finally Herb Trimpe Takes over. I'll be working on this thick book for awhile but it seems like everything I look for in my Marvel Essentials. Four issues in, this is a winner!

Good (so far)

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Always Right said...

How could it be wrong if the awesome, super friendly Howard Chaykin is drawing it.