Friday, November 14, 2008

Thor #11

Ugh. Thor spends this issue going out to dinner, then talking to a ghost he summoned. This is not my Thor. My Thor smashes things with hammers. I’m not even sure how Thor summoned Cap’s ghost anyway, since I’m sure it will be revealed that he’s not actually dead. So who was it Thor was talking to? That’s going to take some ‘splainin at some point. I still am not fond of the whole idea of turning Loki into a woman either, and her plot to subvert Baldur is so transparent I can’t believe none of the characters involved can see it. The main failing of this comic is the lack of interesting fights.

Olivier Coipel’s pencils are nice as always. Too bad the story mainly calls for people to stand around. I realize I’m a simpleton who loves violence, but c’mon. This is a THOR comic! Smash something!


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