Monday, November 24, 2008

Green Arrow & Black Canary #14


Let me clarify. In this issue, Winnick reveals that Connor Hawke no longer knows how to shoot a bow, has rubbery skin like Plastic Man (and a healing factor) and can't remember any details of his life, like how he rationalized being a Buddhist and a crime-fighter. So basically, everything that made him a cool Green Arrow. I've rarely seen a writer so completely destroy everything that makes a character work. The best part is that Winnick is now leaving GA/BC, so he's leaving this mess behind for someone else.

As someone who actually likes Connor Hawke (enough that I bought a page of his recent mini), this whole thing is a joke. The DCU is a hot mess right now.


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Always Right said...

Wait Winick is finally leaving Green Arrow after too many damn years. This is great news.