Monday, November 17, 2008

Terra #1

Man, Amanda Connor can draw. I usually talk about story first, but in this issue the peak of the read is definitely the artwork. Connor does a great mix of good storytelling with a "cuteness" that works really well in super-hero stories. She gets Power Girl showing up, and the character is quickly becoming hers. I don't think we're far from a point where Connor's PG will be the definitive version.

The story features the new Terra as a champion of the underworld races of the DCU. It's a fun concept, and the issue reads quickly and has some nice story beats. I think the inclusion of the JSA as guest-stars will ground this to the rest of the DCU nicely, especially since it seems the antagonists and other supporting characters are new characters with underground ties. Is it too much to hope for a Cave Carson appearance?


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