Saturday, November 8, 2008

War Machine: Weapon of SHIELD #34

Fantastic. You've got Sean Chen, the best Iron Man artist of the past 20 years and Christos Gage, who hasn't written a bad Marvel comic yet. Combine them with James Rhodes, a great character, and this is one winner of a book. Gage continues using obscure characters in neat ways, here we have Cybermancer from Force Works helps Rhodey. Later, when WM decides to head into Russia to battle the skrulls, we get some good ol Soviet Super Soldiers. I am wondering where Vangaurd, Vostok, and Perun are though. Did I miss them leaving the team somehwere? Anyways, while I'm getting really tired of the now fodder-worthy super-skrulls, I was pleased to see some of the combos Chen came up with (Conquistador? Awesome!)

As I said, Sean Chen knocks this out of the park. The flashbacks are great. I loved the Mandarin flashback especially, since Chen did some great work with him back in the day. I'll be picking up the trades of the new War Machine series, but I do wish this was the creative team handling that book.


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