Friday, November 7, 2008

Final Crisis #4

Grant Morrison is the man. I never get tired of stories where the heroes are the underdogs and that is the main story in FC #4. From the heroes turned villain to the wonderful plot device of a screen showing the current status of the hero community, this issue hits all the right fan-buttons for me. The Ray as one of the main protagonists was nice to see too. He's a tremendous character that we really don't see used enough. For some reason, I'm still not happy about the Green Arrow/Black Canary marriage, so that emotional scene did fall a bit flat for me. The issue had a strong ending though. That thumbs down was pretty sweet.

JG Jones' artwork is wonderful as always, and by going with the talented Carlos Pacheco, the more action-oriented sequences fit right in to the narrative. Doug Mahnke is another favorite, so I'm confident his closing chapter to this DCU event will be great.


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