Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Final Crisis Rogues' Revenge #3

Geoff Johns knows his rogues. This book hit on all of the things Johns did well over his years on the Flash (except for Grodd). I loved Captain Cold’s advice to Heatwave to avoid Libra’s mind-control “Look at the flames, Mick.” Just an awesome character bit in a story full of them. Kid Zoom is a pretty easy character to hate, and he’s despicable in this issue. I was pleased to see his fate. Nicely done, Rogues! I also like the promise of changes to come now that the rogues will be working against Barry Allen again.

Kolins’ art is great. He’s one of my top 5 artists, and this issue looked as great as all the others. In particular, Zoom’s goggles and the aura of power around Weather Wizard’s wand were excellent. No one can draw the crags of Captain Cold’s features better than Kolins.


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Always Right said...

But was there really any end like a final issue of a series should have? It just feels like set up for the next event.