Saturday, November 22, 2008

Invincible #55

The greatest comic in the universe rolls on! You could maybe view this as a fill-in issue, since it only features 2 pages starring Invincible himself, as he rolls in the hay with Atom Eve. But I don't think it would be fair to downplay the issue that way as we get great returns from both Allen the Alien and a very popular bit-player in the series. I smiled when I saw this character back in the book, but I won't spoil. There are also some neat revelations with Nolan and the Viltrumites, although to be honest, even though we've seen Nolan turn back towards good, I'm not sure I can forgive him for just how evil his turn was back in the beginning of the series. He really didn't have many shades of gray at the time. I do like Allen though, so if he vouches for him... :)

Ottley's art is so perfect for this title. His art is on the cartoony side, but that works out for the moments of extreme violence that occasionally come up. The brains bursting and eyeballs popping don't seem so bad when they are drawn like this. It doesn't look like an Avatar book, is what I'm saying. This comic is rolling along, and I'm very glad there is still so much story to be told. Kirkman has been doing great with the ongoing plots.


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