Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Checkmate #31

Ugh. How did this comic ever get solicited as a Checkmate story? This whole arc starred Chimera. The last issue of the comic called Checkmate starred the Global Guardians. The shocking thing is that this story has actually been ok. Jones has had some fun bits in this story, from the spiky monster in the first couple issues to the fun characterization of the Freedom Beast this issue. I also liked how Crimson Fox kicked her pheromone powers into overdrive by showing her goods. Fun little bits like that made this entertaining, but Checkmate has totally been reduced to guest-star status in their own book. A sad end for a great series.

Garcia’s art is solid throughout. His creature design in particular is fun. The dragon antagonist has an interesting Godzilla-themed design too, but with enough tweaks to make it his own.


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