Saturday, October 24, 2009

Web of Spider-Man #1

J.M. DeMatteis loves his externalized psychological drama. His whole story in this anthology is Kaine imagining the different aspects of his personality beating the crap out of each other. The problem is I have almost no interest in Kaine, so I didn't really care. Val Semeiks is a good storyteller, and I liked his take on the many characters that show up here. Seeing Kaine did remind me of one funny comic fact; not many comic folk have beards, do they? It was weird seeing Kaine looking so bushy.

I had to skip the Spider-Girl story because I haven't read any of my Amazing Spider-Girl trades yet and I didn't want to spoil. I'll get to them soon!

The closing story was very odd. Didn't Frogman become the Steel Spider over in Ellis' Thunderbolts? So this is out of continuity, right? It was harmless enough, but I think having continuity free stories in an anthology with only 3 stories is a mistake.


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Mart said...

Yeah, I've even less interest in Kaine than you, have only read about two Spidey-Girl trades and really couldn't give a toss about Frog Man. Pass.

I can't see this book lasting long with contents decisions like this.