Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking Dead #66

What a great, iconic cover.

This was a solid issue, but I'm not sure it was quite as strong as the previous couple of chapters. Kirkman is such a master of the cliffhanger that after 3 straight months of leaving me totally ramped up for the next issue, having the current arc end left me kind of down. It's an odd complaint. Kirkman is so good at making me want more, that when he actually delivers, it isn't as good as the anticipation. That's not to say that this brutal story of Rick taking care of the Hunters isn't entertaining. I'm not sure it was necessary for the group to torture the Hunters before killing them, but there is no debate they had to be killed.

The other big news of the issue is the death of another founding member of the cast. This guy has been losing pieces and getting more and more worn down, so I'm not surprised to see him go. I was really happy that this character got to make peace with Rick before he died though. Rick deserved some props for all he's done for this band of survivors, and the dying character made sure to give Rick the respect he deserved.

Charlie Adlard is as solid as ever. He did a nice job with the death scene, making it poignant and shocking at the same time. It's a tough balance to sell something like that, but in a zombie world, I guess it is necessary.


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