Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Tornado #2

Nice cover. A bit of a reach, but still striking.

Hmm. I had been intrigued by the first issue of Kevin Van Hook's limited series, but my interest has waned already. Red Tornado is just too generic. He doesn't have an interesting voice, and adding in a couple generic bad robots doesn't do anything to help. Red Torpedo exhibits a little bit more of a dark side, at least in conversation, but she doesn't seem like she's actually bad. This is a mostly background issue, so perhaps that's why it didn't really excite me that much. All we find out is that T.O. Morrow built Red Torpedo first and shut her down when she started to develop a conscience. Torpedo believes Tornado was the next robot, so I'm not sure where Red Volcano fits in. I guess I'm worried that an already generic robot isn't helped by adding in more robots that look and act like him. Heck, Torpedo's powers look almost the same as Tornado's.

It must be driving Jose Luis crazy that the hottest gal he has to draw is a robot. I believe Luis comes from Ed Benes studio, or at least he has the same style, so I bet this subject matter isn't his cup of tea. He draws nice, classic looking heroes, although T.O. Morrow looks a bit young.


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Mart said...

I also found this duller than the first issue and yes, I also thought Torpedo was too similar to Tornado - at the very least she should be water-borne. What's the kid called, Red Inferno? Bit of a stretch that he went to Traya's school.