Friday, October 2, 2009

Ms. Marvel #45

Wow this is a confusing book. Brian Reed actually has some interesting things happening here, small moments in the greater fight that are entertaining. But there is a lot of weirdness and nonsense that is derailing the plot too.
The Good:
  • Moonstone calling Ms. Marvel "the fat Ms. Marvel."
  • The Iron Patriot blasting Catherine Donovan's face off for being "interesting."
  • Ms. Marvel's smack talk about Moonstone needing Sentry's help to win fights.

    The Bad & Confusing

    • The pacing is really weird. We're like 4 issues into the Marvel War and I have no idea what is happening.
    • I don't know who the storytellers are.
    • I don't understand why Catherine Donovan turned into cubes and then possessed Moonstone.
    • I'm not at all interested in this plot. I want Ms. Marvel to fight super-villains.

    So overall, this thing is just an uneven affair. I can't recommend it because I honestly don't understand what is happening.

    The art is pretty strong this month. Once again, we have a new artist, this time it is Philipe Briones. He does a nice job with the details, with things like the broken concrete of Avengers tower standing out. His take on the heroes is decent too, with Iron Patriot looking grimier and more metallic than I'm used to. His art is leagues above Sana Takeda's, so I hope he sticks around.


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