Monday, October 26, 2009

Spider-Woman #2

I decided to try one more issue, and I'm afraid the book is consistent if nothing else. The story is pretty generic. But the art is beautiful and cold.

Bendis' story picks up with Spider-Woman in jail after she took out a skrull last issue. Quite a few pages go by as she tries to get out of prison by following the rules and asking nicely. I'm not sure why she thought that would work, but it does amuse me. Then S-W gets down to business and uses her pheromone powers to get a cop to let her out. She describes her powers in a cool way, they are not like a bullet and she can't exactly turn them off when she's done. But I didn't care for the description that it is like peeing. Not sure I get that. Eventually she gets out, gets shot at, and hooks up with Madame Viper. So it does seem that Hydra will be involved, no doubt re-establishing some sort of double agent bonafides. My problem is that not enough is happening each issue.

Alex Maleev's art is striking, but cold. The characters look static and everything looks like a freeze frame. I can appreciate the talent it takes to draw like that, but I'm afraid I prefer a more classic style.


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Artillery MKV said...

Ask your wife about the peeing line. It's a girl thing . . ..