Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cable #19

I really wish Bishop wasn't evil. I'm still not convinced that turning him into a maniac stalker is a positive move for the character. I've been playing Ultimate Alliance and watching Wolverine and the X-Men with my daughter, and seeing Bishop in more flattering light in those media really drive home how he's been wrecked in the comics.

This issue has Cable, Hope, and Bishop facing off against the Brood. I appreciate the use of familiar foes in such an unfamiliar environment. This whole series has been set in a post-apocalyptic future, so a familiar face (even a Brood) is a reassuring reminder that this series is still firmly set in the Marvel U. Duane Swierczynski actually has a good voice down for Cable. He's a stern but caring father for Hope. I like him a little more heroic, but I can't fault the character for acting so paternal at this point. Bishop is still a suicidal madman though, and as I said I find that hard to take.

The art by is wildly inconsistent. Gabriel Guzman starts out solidly, with a fairly classic, Roger Cruz-inspired look. Towards the end of the issue the art starts to look much more rushed and the storytelling suffers for it. He does do a great job on the jet-powered space sharks though.

Average (almost Fair, due to high ratio of space sharks)

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