Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #41

Wow. There is a lot going on here. I love the way Peter Tomasi paces this title. He gets panel time for just about every lantern I want to see, and best of all he does it consistently. He even squeezes in personal faves Princess Iolande and Voz! I keep waiting for Voz to get killed and come back as a Black Lantern, but each issue he squeaks by and survives for 30 more days. I figure it won't last, but dang if he isn't my favorite GL in quite some time.

I'm pleased at how quickly all the GLs are able to overcome the emotional turmoil of seeing their dead loved ones coming back. In fact, I was shocked that he Lantern having the most difficulty was Kilowog. Seeing his old drill instructor has really shaken the poozer. Arisia, Kyle, Guy and the rest proceeded almost directly to kicking butt. Actually, I think Guy's total dissolution of Kehaan was one of the best renditions of a Black Lantern reformation that I've seen. I love the way the ring starts reforming its bearer with a finger bone and proceeds from there. Creepy, cool stuff. Tomasi is so dang good. I do think there is a typo in the cliffhanger though.

Incidentally, I know Tomasi is leaving The Outsiders for a mysterious, post-Blackest Night series. After his masterful work on the Martian Manhunter: Requiem issue during Final Crisis, I wonder if there is any chance he could be writing about a resurrected J'onn? I'd dance a jig if that were the case.

Patrick Gleason does a wonderful job as always. The way he differentiates between the constructs of the different GLs is fantastic. Isamot and Vath Sarn both make guns, but different types. Guy Gardner creates explosive blasts with little shape. Arisia brings creates heroic images of the dead to bear against the Black Lanterns. Gleason gives us cracker-jack characterization through the different methods of fighting off the dead.


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