Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hulk TPB 2: Red & Green

Wow. This was a very slight TPB. I had heard all the bad stuff about Jeph Loeb's run on Hulk, but I couldn't resist the artistic clout in this trade. Loeb has a few fun ideas. I liked his use of the Marvel Trinity against the Wendigos. I did miss something though, since it seemed like Bruce Banner was in jail, then suddenly loose. I dug that he had Moon Knight and Sentry go to the same psychiatrist. How funny is it that both analogues of DC's top dogs have mental issues?

Ugh. Rulk is so frigging annoying. She-Hulk is one of my favorites, so it is darn hard to watch her get smashed and strangled by the big red ape. I really enjoyed seeing all the top ladies of the Marvel U team up and form the Lady Liberators again. Why is this not an ongoing series? I know my 4-year old would love to see all these ladies on a regular basis. There is a ton of history and potential with this group, so I was obviously a bit bummed to see them punched around by a bully.

Sure enough the one-two punch of Arthur Adams and Frank Cho was tremendous. Adams' pages were fun and a tad gory. His take on the "Trinity" of the Marvel U (with stand-ins Hulk, Sentry, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel) was excellent. I actually think his Moon Knight was the high point of his chapters.

Frank Cho draws beautiful ladies. I do wish he would have gone straight to the Lady Liberator team up instead of only having Valkrie and Thundra. I was amused that Cho took ever opportunity to draw thongs and underpants throughout. His action was brutal, I hated the sequence where Rulk is choking She-Hulk over the face of Mt. Rushmore.


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