Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #6

Matthew Sturges brings the series home in a solid manner. After months and months, I'm finally ok with the idea that the best the JLA can send after the Human Flame is John Stewart, Firestorm, and Red Tornado. Red Tornado never really had much of a voice here; he was very generic sounding in his interaction with the other characters. Sturges did a much better job with Stewart, Firestorm, and the Flame himself. The Human Flame is such a jerk that it is wonderful seeing him get taken down. Having the Flame increase in size until he can't move is a genius resolution. The Flame never thought about making himself smaller, which would have freed him. He always wanted to be bigger and better, so this poetic justice ending for his run is wonderful.

I loved the closing scene with the JLA'ers flying away from the Flame's space-cell. After trapping the Flame in an asteroid, John Stewart takes a moment to fly back, rub the Flame's face in defeat, and snap a picture. Just like what the Flame did to Martian Manhunter in Final Crisis. Human Flame is obsessed with his rep and being viewed as a powerful guy, so circulating that picture will humiliate him. Strong ending from Sturges. This ended up being the only Final Crisis Aftermath book I saw through to the end, and it was an enjoyable story.

Freddie Williams III has that great cartoony style that is just realistic enough for me to like his work. Everyone is a bit bubbly-looking, but the bright colors really set the tone of the art. Everything "looks" nice and comic-y.


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